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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Five Years!

Our dear sweet Henry has been with us for 5 years!  He is such a delight. We love you!

October 2013 Medical Mission trip

We had an amazing medical mission trip in October! 

We examined over 300 children at two Children's HopeChest CarePoints- Project greenlight which is located in Addis Ababa and our CarePoint,  Mesert Christos in Kombolcha.  We also examined and treated some ill children outside the sponsorship program and about a half a dozen parents.  
Kombolcha CarePoint

Children at Project GreenLight

We shared the gospel of Jesus, played games, washed their feet, examined and treated them. 

 Everyday we provided a snack of bananas for the children.  We treated fevers, cuts, strep throat and more.  We also removed items and cleaned out their ears.  Several children were referred to a hospital or clinic, including a child who appeared to have broken his arm while we were on-site.

When we arrived in Kombolcha some of the children had your photos- holding them up and asking if you were part of the team.  One boy was carrying a musical greeting card that was enclosed in his March care package.  Sponsorship matters, the children know your name and asked about you. Most of the messages they gave me were similar- "thank you for being my sponsor!  Please come to visit." 

If you provided medical supplies, helped financially or prayed for us- THANK YOU!!! You helped support an amazing team who ministered to many. Our next trip is March 8-18 2014 which will be structured much like a Vacation Bible School. 

Our team