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We are going PINK- we are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. We'll be sharing our journey to adopt our daughter!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Henry turns 5!

Our sweet Henry turned 5 years old!  He requested a donut instead of a cake.
Happy Birthday Henry!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Created for Care

This weekend I spent the weekend with 400 adoptive moms at the Created for Care retreat in Atlanta.   Created for Care is a non-profit ministry designed to encourage, equip and bring rest to adoptive moms via a yearly retreat.  Last year I was so encouraged by the speakers.  They poured out God's truth about our children and they provided encouragement for those of us who have children from "hard places".  This year was just as amazing.  I cannot wait until next year.

I had a wonderful time connecting with moms from our agency and moms who have adopted from Russia and Ethiopia. 

They are hosting a second retreat March 23-25, 2012. If you have adopted or are in the process of adopting, I highly recommend this retreat.  You will come away refreshed! Click here for more details. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Sew Important update

If you haven't read about our newest project- please click here then come back to read the update.

We are delighted by the number of woman who have joined our Project Sew Important group!!  This will be an ongoing ministry so we will accept your sewing projects throughout the year.  The deadline for our first project is April 1, 2012.

Several of you have asked if you could sew something less complicated. Yes!!  We need drawstring bags for the pads and shields.  You can find the bag pattern here.

If you don't sew but want to help please visit the la Sucette shop on Etsy.  You may buy the finished products on Etsy and have them shipped to a team member.  Please contact me at mblueberry.madamblueberry@gmail.com  for a shipping address. 

We also have several girls who need a sponsor.  A sponsorship fee ($34 monthly) provides resources for children to receive at least one meal a day, school supplies, a school uniform, basic medical care and an education! Sponsors not only offer monthly support, but encouragement through prayer, letter writing, and relationship. Please contact me at mblueberry.madamblueberry@gmail.com  for more information or to sign up!

Thank you for making a difference in young women's lives.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Sew Important

In April we are going to our Children's HopeChest Care point in Kombolcha, Ethiopia.  We will be serving 168 children, 96 of them girls.

I've debated about the post... should I share or not share... because it's sensitive, maybe taboo... not everyone is comfortable with the topic and I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this publicly.  But after sharing this with my close friends and receiving very positive feedback, I decided to risk it all and post the details of our newest project. It really is that important to me... to the girls at our care point.

The girls at our care point are vulnerable economically.  Many of the girls are orphans and receive their only meal at our care point.  These girls are in school because someone has cared enough to sponsor them so the required school fees have been paid. But they are still at risk.... Some girls miss school up to 4 days a month.  They miss the lessons, the practice time, the homework, the exams and if they have a part time job they miss time a work/income because they cannot afford hygiene products.  It happens every day in impoverished communities all over the world... it's happening at our care point. 

We want to change that at our care point.  We want to ensure our girls and young ladies have their own sustainable, effective feminine hygiene products. 

We've started "Project Sew Important".  If you sew and can help, please join us!  We have two patterns options provided by Days for Girls.   Please e-mail me at mblueberry.madamblueberry@gmail.com for all the details.  We have a snap machine so we can finish off the products for you.   
If you cannot sew but would like to help you may buy the finished product online, here , Please contact me for a shipping address for one our our team members.  Please e-mail me for details.
Thank you for making a difference in young women's lives.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Orthodox Christmas

On January 7th Orthodox Christians celebrated Christmas.  Igor, Henry and Merone were adopted from countries which are primarily Orthodox.  In order to celebrate their culture, we celebrated Christmas with Russian and Ethiopian food and friends.  We ate borscht, doro wat, Russian tea cookies and more.  The best part was sharing it with friends.