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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Adoption Update

Igor and I made gingerbread cookies. We decided we would make a cookie family- Daddy, Mommy, Igor and brother (AKA BOC). Igor moved the feet on several cookies prior to baking so it look would look like we were exercising! I attached our "standing" cookie family for your viewing pleasure.

We have an adoption update!
In October there were many AWAA families who received referrals. We thought we might hear something at the end of the year or the beginning of 2008. A recent update from our family coordinator has confirmed, we will not be a family of four (except in cookies) for several more months.

Several people have asked about the adoption process compared to Russia. The process is very different. For those of you who walked with us through Igor's adoption you'll recall we received pictures of Igor, accepted the referral, we went to Russia to meet Igor and then confirmed we would go forward with the adoption. We returned home and waited for our court date. Six months later, we returned to Russia to face a Russian court in order to adopt Igor. Once the judge ruled in our favor, we picked up Igor. Then it was a matter of getting his Russian passport, US VISA, US embassy visit and then home!

The Ethiopian process is different. Once we receive and accept our referral, our child will be removed from the orphanage and placed in a transitional home run by our agency. The transitional home can serve between 10-20 children dependent upon the ages and needs at any one time. Next, we will be assigned a court date. We will not go to Ethiopia for the court hearing, our in country representative will be there on our behalf. After a successful court ruling we will be giving travel dates to pick our son. AWAA estimates this process will take 2-3 months.

Currently, 15 children occupy the transitional home. Rob and I do not expect more referrals until the new director is onsite full time and some of the children are picked up by their adoptive parents. We anticipate this to happen sometime in January or February 2008. As we learn more, we will share the news with you.

Families with October 3 referrals hope to have their cases heard on Dec 13. Please pray the court hears the adoption cases on the 13th and they would travel quickly to pick up their little ones.

We will update you on the status of referrals as soon as we hear something.


Jen said...

How fun. Such a great way for Igor to build the anticipations for his brother. BTW..... BOC....is Igor gonna to insist you name him that!? hehehehe

shawn and tisha said...

You're cookies are sooo cute! Especially BOC's, it's so little! :)
I love that Igor calls him BOC! :)

Waiting with you,

JillCoen said...

Hi Candy! I love the cookie family! Question - where did you find the quote in blue about referrals? I don't remember reading those exact words, so I thought I'd ask.
Thanks! jill :)www.thecoens.blogspot.com

Rob & Candy said...

Hey Jill, I e-mailed you!