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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall fun, Henry, Flat Stanley & packing

Fall has arrived! The leaves are falling, cooler weather is here... This is Henry's first experience with fall. He loves playing in the leaves.

Igor loves to climb....

Henry has no fear.... Here he is scaling the outside of the stairs. Notice his, "whoops, I've been caught doing something wrong" look? Like many toddlers, I cannot turn my back for a second or he will be in some mischief.

The trip to Ethiopia is in 9 DAYS!!! So far, everything from gift bags to toothpaste has been donated. The amount of donations received has been amazing!!
To everyone who donated- THANK YOU!
I packed two bags yesterday with only donations. The two bags weigh a total of 96 pounds! I need to do some created packing since I haven't packed any clothes or personal items. I can take 100 pounds for free. If I go over it will cost $50...

Do you see Flat Stanley among the markers, crayons and underwear?
Flat Stanley is going to Ethiopia with us! Flat Stanley is courtesy of Dottie, who is an adoptive mom and Elementary school teacher.
It's not too late to donate funds for our trip. Every dollar donated will go towards food, emergency medical procedures, shoes... for orphans. Our team will report on how the money will be spent. We promise to be good stewards of all funds donated. It cost less than a dollar a day to feed an orphan in Ethiopia.
To donate go to:
Click on GIVE
Please put November Ethiopia Mission trip in the comment section.
Thank you!


E said...

Wow, Candy! I feel your pain with the stairs. And the constant vigilance required with a toddler. Phew! It's exhausting!!!

Your sweet boys are so precious. It's a blessing to follow their lives.

I'll be praying for your trip and some awesome packing miracles!


Kari said...

Candy, we will be praying fervently for your upcoming ET trip. Roger wishes like crazy he could join the gang, but next time!! (or me:)
Love ya sister
I love all your new adorable pics!!
Come by and see a brand new pic of Zoie from the KCorphanage. Just got it!!

tisha said...

Hope your trip goes well!! :)