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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have a secret.... I want to go to Haiti. Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook- people needed to go to Haiti next week to help 200 orphans. There were a couple requirements-
1. Current passport (check) 2. updated shots (check) 3. mission experience (check) 4. funds available to go immediately (hmmm..).
I mentioned it to Rob and he said, "Go." My husband is such a supporter.
There are a couple obstacles-
-I had oral surgery Monday and I'm still recovering. I'm taking antibiotics for another week and won't get my stitches out for another 3 weeks. I need to check with the doctor. I do not want to be a potential liability to the team.

-Child care for Henry. We pulled Henry out of nursery school two weeks ago. (more on that later) Who would watch Henry while I was gone?

-Funds to go. If I am suppose to go to Haiti, I know the funds to go will be revealed.

While I was trying to think through childcare and the funds, I saw another message- they had all the team spots filled. I thought, oh well, it wasn't meant to be. This afternoon I saw another message posted- another team will go in February......
I'm calling the doctor in the morning.


V said...

what is this with? I want to go! :)

Karen said...

I saw the same note and had the same thoughts! Go for it Candy!!! I'll be cheering you on! Karen Wistrom