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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And then there were two...

No we haven't heard any news about son # 2..... Igor had a friend over this afternoon. I don't know how we will feed two boys! They have an endless amount of energy AND bottomless pits for stomachs!

Igor has been having some difficult days. Another mom who adopted from Russia suggested that her son, Misha (10 years old) come over and play with Igor so we scheduled a play date.

Today, Misha came over after school. Igor hid under a chair for a little bit because he was too shy to play. Soon, Igor was brave enough to come out and play time began. The boys had a great time together. We did a science experiment to see if we could grow crystals from sugar and water. The boys had the never ending snack (they almost ate an entire loaf of bread at snack time along with oranges, apples, chocolate milk, blueberry muffins.... and STILL ate all their dinner!).

The boys found a stray dog in the backyard. Igor came running in to tell me that he had a new dog for our family. I quickly located the dog's tag and called the owner before Igor became even more attached to the dog. The owner was grateful for the call and she came by to pick up the dog, Taxi.

Misha read Clifford books to Igor. It was such a sweet sight.

Igor was very sad to see Misha leave. I promised Igor that Misha would come back and play. Today was a very good day.

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shawn and tisha said...

It's hard when you feel so shy, I'm glad Igor found his courage and had a good time. It sounds like Misha will be a very good friend.


ps. I hope you will hear some news about your second son soon, it will be so exciting! :)