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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Crud's second victim

After two weeks of a "Crud" free home, The Crud is back and this time, Igor is the victim. This morning he woke up saying he had a bad cold. His temp was 101.5 and he had the chills. Igor was upset when he learned that he would not be going to church. I explained he was too sick. He gave me one of his famous blank looks, which means; What mommy?? He didn't have enough energy to protest too much, he cuddled up in our bed until lunch time. If you know Igor, this boy does not stop for a cold; he normally ignores it and goes on with life. Our boy is sick with The Crud.

Igor and I watched one of the Planet Earth DVD's while he was resting. The announcer said they were in Ethiopia. Igor perked right up and said, "Mom, they are in Effopia. That's where my brother lives." It was great to see Igor making the connection.

This afternoon Rob and Igor were coloring at the kitchen table when Igor said he wanted to take a rest. He didn't leave the table; he put his head on daddy's lap and promptly fell asleep.

Caramel corn production has stopped until The Crud is gone and the house is disinfected. I hope to start back up on Tuesday but it will depend on Igor's recovery.


Susan said...

Feel better soon, Igor! Poor baby! Let us know when the caramel corn factory is back. We're all out! :-D
Take care! Susan

shawn and tisha said...

Oh no, not the crud again! I hope Igor feels better soon. :)

Jen said...

Get well soon Igor! We had some form of crud in our home. It resulted in having to do LOTS of laundry. NOT SO FUN!!

InGod'sHands said...

Just doing my daily check of my families blogs. Hoping for a referral for you all soon. I've got the crud too. Hopefully Sean and Ciara will not get it. I'll be praying for Igor. Take care! Rebecca K.

CM and JJM said...

Timo wishes Igor well wishes...he says "sorry, hope you feel all better soon".

Jake and Taryn said...

Get well soon!

K.P. said...

Get Well Soon Igor! Candy...double up on the Vit. C! :)


Jill Coen said...

Crud, crud, go away! Never come back; please stay away!!

Hope you're feeling better, Igor!

E said...

Poor guy! Eben has had some weird something the last week. It actually lasted a full 8 days. I think today he is finally back to 99%. We're aiming for 100% tomorrow.

He's so high energy usually, but whatever he had just completely took it out of him. He went to bed at 5:45 last night...his usual bedtime is 8. Anyway, I hope Igor will get well soon! It's really hard when our little men are sick, isn't it?