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Monday, August 24, 2009

AWAA Africa Reunion

In the last few weeks we have taken several trips and Henry has become a barnacle again. I think it was too many places and people in a short amount of time. He loved our visits but at home he is uneasy. Two weeks ago Henry got the suitcase out then started packing. We weren't going on a trip but I thought it was very telling that Henry thought it was time to pack. I knew we were going to the beach last week, school starts this week and then the reunion would be next. I thought it would be too much for Henry so we won't be going to the reunion.

Last week we went to the beach. Henry loved it but when we went to church yesterday he clung to me when I took him to the nursery. Today we went to the school to met Igor's teacher. Henry assumed the barnacle position the entire time we were at school and then again in the library.
For those of you going to the reunion, I hope you have a great time. I hope to meet/see you all next time!


jill coen said...

I'm sad, but totally understand! Miss you!!

Melissa Juvinall said...

Oh Candy, I'm SUPER sad you won't be there. I was really looking forward to meeting Henry and chatting with you more. But I completely understand. :(