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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why did I live in an orphanage?

Sunday night Igor could not sleep. I checked on him a couple times but he was wide a wake staring at the ceiling. I asked him what he was thinking about. This is always a dangerous question to ask when Igor cannot sleep. Sometimes he uses the answer as a stall tactic to stay awake but Sunday night he had something heavy on his mind- the orphanage.

Igor asked why did I live in an orphanage? I took a deep breath, whispered a quick prayer and shared the high level details with him. Then he wanted to know how long it would take to travel to his orphanage from the USA. He also wanted to know how long it would take to travel to Henry's orphanage. Igor asked about the conditions in his orphanage. He use to remember the details of the orphanage but he has forgotten many things. I shared with him what the orphanage was like, what it smelled like, what I saw.... He said he wanted to visit the orphanage and see it. I said we could do that. He asked if we could go the next day! I told him we could see it when he was older.

Next it was Rob's turn. Igor wanted to know "how did you know me?" Rob said we saw you when the adoption agency sent us your picture and we knew that Igor would be our son. Igor wanted to know when we met and why we left him in the orphanage and came back for him months later.

After a while Igor seemed satisfied with the information we had given him and he was ready to go to sleep. I wonder what you are thinking about sweet boy......

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tisha said...

Thanks for sharing how you handled this situation. I sometimes wonder what kind of questions and conversations will come up in the future. You guys seem like such great parents and people. (And it seems like you have some pretty great boys too. :))