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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eco-Friendly Neckaces from Uganda!

Looking for the perfect gift for- Graduation, Mother's Day, Birthday or just because? We are delighted to be selling necklaces from Uganda!

Sue, a missionary in Uganda, has provided us a hundred necklaces made by a Ugandan widow with one child. The money used to purchase the beads becomes income, food, school fees/uniforms, medicine and hope. The beads are hand rolled from newsprint, magazines, or old calendars that would otherwise go into a land fill. Since each bead is hand made all the necklaces are unique. The necklace is glazed to make it durable, shiny and water resistant. But please, do not soak them in water.

The short and long necklaces have screw clasps:

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Here is a sampling of the necklaces we have-
Short necklaces $10 - hang 7-10" when worn:

Long necklaces $12- hang 10-18" when worn:

Extra-long necklaces $15 (no clasp) 20-26" long when worn:

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