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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Supplement update

Igor has been taking supplements since the end of August.  We have noticed a positive difference in his ability to control his emotions over the last seven months.  It's so easy for me to forget where Igor was emotionally when we first started him on the supplements.  In seven months Igor has moved to a new normal.  There are hard days and I am still working with Igor on how to deal with certain emotions and feelings.  Most days a good days and I am so thankful!
Last week I gave Igor 1/2 his regular dose of supplements because I forgot to re-order them!  I noticed a difference in Igor's moods and behavior over the last week.  Was I was looking for something to justify the use and cost of the supplements?  I wasn't really sure.
Instead of riding the bus, Rob took Igor to school today.  Igor's teacher pulled Rob aside and asked if we've noticed a change in Igor's behavior in the last week or so.  I was shocked the teacher noticed a difference in Igor too!  The supplements have arrived and Igor is back to his regular dose.  I hope we all see a more calm and focused Igor next week.

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