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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two families passed court today!!

Great news- Two families with our agency passed court today - on their first court date!!  We are delighted for these families and their children!!

We do not have a court date yet.  I have been assured by our agency they have everything they need to obtain a court date.  They hope to receive one soon.  We hope and pray for the same thing.

I read a fantastic blog post about abandonment and institutionalization of an orphan.  You may read the post here.   This week we have been living out some of the impacts of institutionalization.  I have thoughts about the blog post but I am still processing them. 
I should be getting baby girl's room ready- cleaning out the guest room, moving everything out and putting her things in but I'm in some weird holding pattern.  I walk in the room, open the closet and slowly close the door... perhaps everything in there will mysteriously disappear on its own??
Next week is spring break.  My sister is coming for a visit.  Maybe I will be more motivated while she is here... or we'll take the kids to the zoo!

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