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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This picture says everything if you have ever collected "samples".
Merone did not have any signs of Giardia but I asked the doctor to test for it, just in case. I was shocked when the doctor called last month saying she did have Giardia.  Not only does she have it, she has the most difficult type to kill.  Henry had a different type of Giardia, but it still took several rounds of antibiotics before he was parasite free.  Merone has taken one round of antibiotics.  Rob dropped off her second  "sample" this morning for re-testing.  We are praying that the Giardia is GONE!!

I had to laugh when I saw this website
You can buy all sorts of parasites and microbes, including Giardia. 
He looks so soft and cuddly.... but he really is a pest.  I am looking forward to saying good-bye to Giardia forever.


The Annessa Family said...

Ew. Just Ew!

Praying that the sample is clear!


KLT said...

OK, that stuffed thing is absolutely hilarious! I can't believe you found such a thing!!!