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Monday, July 25, 2011

Merone is talking

I cannot believe it!  We've been home about a month.  Merone is amazing.  Our sweet and shy little girl is becoming more confident and is trying to say words.  To be exact she either screams words or whispers them.  I've looked for volume control on her back but quickly realized she is not a toy but a little girl who wants to be HEARD.  I believe she is quite clever.  When she whispers we all stop to hear what she is saying.  When she screams we cannot help but hear her.  I am trying to teach her "inside voice".  I am certain she understands me because when I talk to her about it she looks at me with a furrowed brow and a pout on her lips as if she is saying- I will be heard!!!  We'll continue working on "inside voice" despite the pout and brow.  

Merone says- Mommy, daddy, no, stop, gog (dog), da (down), up, ticky (icky).  She is very good a getting her point across.  Yesterday Rob had to stifle a laugh when Merone pointed her finger at Henry and said, "No, No!"

Yawn... did I mention we are exhausted?  Henry was a terrible sleeper for MONTHS after he arrived home.  If sleep deprivation was a sport Henry would have been given a gold medal in parental sleep deprivation.  I believe my sweet Henry has been giving Merone tips on how to completely exhaust us. 
Sweet baby girl has had night terrors since the day we took her from the transitional home. She continues to have them.  I have tried waking her up about 2 hours after she goes to sleep.  That worked a couple times but then her night terrors were pushed back a few hours.   It's so hard to watch she struggle as she has the night terrors.  After the night terrors she wakes up 3-6 times per night, crying out for me.  I go and I comfort her and then put her back down.  She has slept through the night, ummm, two times... I'm sooo sleeepy... and so is my dear sweet husband.  Did I mention that Merone gets up around 4:45AM no matter what time she goes to sleep?  Rob is my hero.  He gets up with her every morning and tries to get her back to sleep.  Most mornings he is not successful so they go for long walks while the rest of us sleep.  Rob has logged about 50 miles this month with Merone in the stroller.   I'm hoping her sleep patterns change soon, otherwise, Operation Sleep will be back... but not until Merone knows we are her parents and we will always be there for her. 

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The Annessa Family said...

Oh my, praying for those night terrors to subside.

Brooke Annessa