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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sponsorship- does it matter?

Our team has been back for about a month.  They continue to process their experience.  I thought this was a beautiful perspective on sponsorship written by Laura.

One of the best parts of my trip was meeting Sonneit, a shy 9-year old whom I sponsor through Children's HopeChest.  I got to hug this little girl.  The sweet girl I've been praying for.  The adorable girl whose photo is pinned on my fridge.    I got to see where she lives.  I got to meet her guardian.  I got to enjoy her.  We got to play together.   And she opened up.

 Sponsorship organizations often tell you things like, "the children love letters and photos from their sponsors."  And I used to think that was a ploy.  The child my small group sponsored when I was in middle school never looked happy in his photos and I figured that they made him stand there so why would he be happy?  On this trip I realized some things about these kids:
  1. They don't smile automatically when a camera is pulled out.  Apparently, that's an American thing.
  2. They LOVE their sponsors. 
  I had children all week showing me their sponsor photos.  One boy kept saying over and over, "My sponsors are Julie and John.  Julie and John.  Julie and John!"  They would show each other the photos and then snatch them back to their chests.  And for those of us sponsors on the trip, they couldn't get enough.I love the children's reactions to sponsors photos and notes.  Thank you so much for making care packages for your sponsor child(ren)! 

Next year's trip is, March 9-18, 2013, please joined us.  As of today, 17 people have signed up for the 2013 trip.  E-mail me if you want more details or are interesting in going. 

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