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Monday, May 7, 2012

They have returned!

The team has been back for a week! The trip has been described as amazing, personal, beautiful, hard, raw, and extraordinary.  I will have pictures for you soon!  there are thousands to go through.  it's so hard to pick a few to post.

Here's what the team did at our care point with 160 kids!  The camp was divided into half days.  Some children go to school in the morning and others in the afternoon so the children came to camp when they were not in school.  The camp consisted of singing, bible stories, arts and crafts, rec and care packages.  Each day the children were given fruit and granola as a snack in addition to all the activities.  On Friday all the children came to camp in the morning for fun and games then they enjoyed a lunch feast of lamb (tibbs), shiro, and vegetables. 

The children were so grateful to receive your care packages.  They LOVED the photos and letters!  They showed off pictures of their sponsors to anyone who would stop and look. In addition to the care packages you sent the team was able to provide the children with - water bottles, backpacks, dresses and feminine hygiene kits for the girls, cars for the boys, beach balls, first aid kits, new t-shirts, and more.  THANK YOU to those who donated items or funds!  We also want to thank Daniel (a pre-schooler adopted from Ethiopia) who raised the funds for the feast which fed over 200 people. 

I cannot wait to share more.

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