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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Epic fail- a week of distractions

Possessions- Part 2-was going great this week until I was presented 7 bags of handy me downs from an unexpected source.  Yep, we gave away over 500 pieces of clothing June  16 - 29 and here I was with more clothes.  Honestly this was a gift - it was if God was saying- see, I will provide. 

What would I do with the clothing?  I wanted to shove them in the closet and deal with them in the fall.  Instead, I spent a day sorting and bagging.  I kept a few things for Henry but most were re-bagged for more first time adoptive moms who do not have a stash of clothing for the fall. 

Then I decided to move Igor into his own room and move Merone in with Henry.  This allowed me to go through and give away more things from the kids' rooms but I was not focused on "7" per se.  I was trying to get my children settled.  Then I was busy with life- swim lessons, doctor appointments, contractors, and you know parenting...

We did manage to remove a stereo, DVD player and a space heater from our house but we have more.  I need more time so we'll try - Possessions- Part 2- for one more week. 

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Alison said...

I think you do the best you can and continue to do the best you can in the future and make adjustments as needed. Sometimes things don't go as planned!