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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer of 7 x 2

In June we started our summer of 7.  It hasn't gone as planned.  The first week was Possessions- giving away 7 items of clothing for 7 days.  Our 7 turned into two weeks (or 7x2) of clothing give away.  
I hate to say it but Possessions Part 2 is also moving to 7x2.  We'll be doing it again next week.  This week we went to the beach (courtesy of some awesome friends) for a few days so we haven't gone through every room.  I've done the kitchen (14 items), the children's bookshelves (50 books) and Rob went through his things (14 items).  I also spent some time in boys' bedroom with a trash bag (only one item to give away).  The boys and Merone picked out 8 toys to give away but there are more we can part with.  The biggest item (by size) is the boys' toddler bed which was stored in the attic.  We delivered it to a couple who is expecting child number two.  It was so sweet to see our well loved bed set up in another little boy's bedroom.

Here is our modified list of 7
June  16 - 29: Possessions- We will give away 7 items of clothing and shoes per person (35 items) a day for 7 days.

June  30 - July 13: Possessions- Part 2- We will give away 7 items a day of (non-clothing) for a total of 49 items

 July 14 - 20: Media -  We don't have cable or Netflix or any gaming system so this will be Internet related.  The cruel details are to be determined (I'm thinking a facebook fast? shudder..)

July 21 - 27: Clothes- We will wear just 7 articles of clothing - items and exemptions to be determined.

July 28 - Aug 4: Stress- We are going to do a modified version of the seven prayers from the book.  It will probably be five pauses for prayer.

Aug 5 - 11: Spending-  This may be modified but for now we will not purchase any items this week.  (exceptions would be any medical emergencies and RX's that may need to be filled)

August 12 - 18 : Food-  We will eat 7 foods which is currently being negotiated.

We may have to modify the dates again while trying to keep to the spirit of 7.

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Katrina said...

I have felt like I needed to extend a lot of them. It almost takes a week to get our brain around the fast and another to actually have it take effect. I tweeted Jen Hatmaker and she said it takes 21 days to change a habit, so I guess that is kind of the thought with that. Oh well, we do what we can, right? I'm so glad you're joining us for Summer of 7.