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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Earth Day

Today we attended our town's Earth Day fair. There was music, kids crafts, and all the "Green" exhibits you could imagine. Igor had a wonderful time. He painted, made a sand scape, colored, etc.

For the last year our state has been in a drought and under mandatory water restrictions. We met with the water company for a mini audit and we were rated excellent. YA! We talked to some alternative energy folks, learned about worm composting (we'll stick to the backyard composting for now) and so on. The fire department had an exhibit. Rob and Igor went over to say hi since Igor and I go to the fire station everyday after nursery school. Our local grocery stores were handing out reusable grocery bags so we picked up two more. We also enjoyed very yummy Italian Ice and Popsicles.

We came across an exhibit tent with used bicycles. We decided to check it out since Rob has talked about getting a used bike for a year. They were not selling the bikes, they were selling bike co-op memberships. A $10 annual fee allows members to check out a bike at 12 co-op locations around town for free. The bike must be returned within 24 hours. Rob signed up for the program. It's a very inexpensive way to determine if bike ownership is right for him. We went to the bike shop and purchased an awesome helmet on clearance for $13!

Rob checked out his first bike this afternoon. This specific co-op location is closed on Sundays so he is allowed to return the bike Monday morning. Rob's plan is to ride to the co-op location each morning to turn in the bike. He can check out another bike, walk or take the bus to work.

To finish out our Earth Day festivities we decided to have a picnic dinner by the river. It was a great idea but there were too many bugs. Plan B- We went to a local farm that has picnic tables. We had a lovely bug-free picnic with cows, donkeys and goats in the background. We took a walk after dinner and ran through a field of tall grass. After a few minutes I looked down, my legs were dotted with duck poo-poo. The field must be a fly over spot for ducks and geese- ugh... all we could do was laugh. Happy Belated Earth Day!


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shawn and tisha said...

Sounds like a fun day! :)