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Sunday, November 2, 2008


When Igor got off the bus on Friday, he had chocolate all over his face and a funny look in his eyes. Guess what? They had a Halloween party at school. I think he over dosed on chocolate. Here's a picture so you can be the judge-

We always wait until Halloween to carve our pumpkins. This year Igor wanted to draw the face on one of the pumpkins. Of course, Dad cut the face out.

Igor decided that he wanted to be a fire fighter again this year for Halloween. Good news, his costume from last year still fits! Igor and dad went trick or treating in our neighborhood. We have several courts in our neighborhood and three of the courts had adult stations set up. They had grills going, hot cider and treats for moms and dads. I'm not sure who had more fun,
Igor or dad!


Jori said...

What a fun time! I have never even heard of parent stations - That is an awesome idea!!! Glad they had a fun time and praying for your court to move without a glitch!!
love ya, jori

beBOLDjen said...

HAHAHA that picture is too funny. He looks like he's not feeling well. Our kids did the same thing this year. You can always tell the ones who hardly get to eat candy. They have that greenish tint to them after about 15 minutes.

E said...

How fun! E was the same thing two years in a row. He was very happy to be something different this year!!! Igor makes a very cute fire fighter!!!


Team Dragovich said...

I LOVE Igor's pumpkin! And I LOVE parent stations! Makes a parent happy :)...

Looking forward to our AW Raleigh get-together! Thanks for organizing it!

shawn and tisha said...

Igor is such a cute fire fighter! The parents stations sound great! :)

Carpenters said...

For a minute I thought that was a picture from last year, but Igor has definitely grown. He makes a cute fire fighter. Happy Halloween.

With Love,