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Friday, November 14, 2008

Taking night vision goggles to a new level

Igor and daddy have taken the night vision goggles to a new level. The picture is not a mistake.... this is a picture of Daddy (white lights) and Igor (green lights) finishing dinner in the dark. Life with boys is never boring.
This picture reminds me of our adoption. So many days I felt like I was in the dark. I knew things were happening but I couldn't see most of it. Now it feels as though I have night vision goggles on, I can see more but not everything. We are looking forward to our court date with an optimistic heart.


ethiHOPEia said...

Jacob said, "Wow, I would eat my dinner in the dark if I had night vision goggles too!"

Susan said...

Candy, How did you see your dinner? Did you have some night-vision goggles too?


Rob & Candy said...

I am left to eat in the dark- sniff, sniff! Actually, I ate quickly so they could finish up in the dark!