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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Date night and more

Last week Rob and I went out to dinner and left the boys at home with Rachel, our favorite babysitter. Rachel has been Igor's babysitter for a year so he is very comfortable with her. Henry sees Rachel at church, we've had her over to eat several times and she's played with the boys while I was home. Rachel is not a stranger to Henry so when we left, I mean snuck out the door, Henry, Igor and Rachel were playing tickles. Henry did not cry because he didn't see us go. He had so much fun with Igor and Rachel I think he forgot to look for us. Rob and I had an awesome date and I look forward to our next date in June!

Igor had been eagerly anticipating Memorial Day weekend because the swimming pool opened on Saturday. We promised Igor we would go to the pool over the weekend. Saturday was hot and humid, a perfect pool day! I called the pool manager asking the water temperature, she replied 74 degrees- brrrrrrrh! We took Igor and Henry to the indoor pool where the water was a balmy 84 degrees. This was Henry's first time to the pool. He loved the shallow end but in deeper water he held tightly on to daddy.
In previous years I have had a difficult time keeping the wildlife from eating my garden. This year we have spotted the turtle, three rabbits, chip monks, TWO SNAKES!! (YIKES!) and the mockingbirds in the backyard. I haven't seen the deer but my neighbors have. I am using Liquid Fence on my flowers and veggies this season. So far, I haven't lost a plant!

I am very excited about our blueberry bushes. I planted three bushes last fall and we have about 100 blueberries! The mockingbirds ate the first ripe blueberries so I've netted the bushes so we can enjoy the rest. Henry's favorite fruit is blueberries. He was delighted when I picked a few this morning. He was not interested in sharing.
My first successful sun flower
The boys investigating the turtle

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tisha said...

Yay for date nights!! We are always so excited when we get a moment away together.

Glad to hear you're having a better year with your garden! I remember how you talked about the animals taking it over last year. Pretty sunflower! :)