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Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Being in a sleep deprived state Saturday morning - I promptly backed over Henry's scooter as I was racing out to Shari's shower. I should have looked but when did we start parking scooters behind my car? After running over Igor's sandals later in the day I am now LOOKING behind my car Before I get in it.

Shari is one of our Ethiopia adoption pals. She and her husband are adopting a little boy and a toddler girl from Ethiopia! I had a great time her adoption shower. Susan and Jill, who also adopted from Ethiopia, were also there.

Saturday afternoon we had a VBS registration event at the church.

Henry pushing the WOD (wheel of death).

Igor getting his face painted.

Sunday morning I had the clippers out to cut Rob's hair. Henry saw the clippers and sat in Rob's lap so I cut Henry's hair first. Henry did not cry and seemed perfectly content with me cutting his hair. I think the barber shop does a better job of outlining his hair but overall I think it looks good.

Sunday after church we went to a fair. Henry went on his first amusment ride!

Igor at the petting zoo

Today we picked our first tomato! yummy!

Rob and I are exhausted. Henry is now getting up between 3:30 and 4:30 AM each morning. He will not go back to sleep and he yells, "MAAAAMAAAA" or his new favorite word "DADDY" until we get him. Some mornings he will yell for an hour. This is not restful! Please pray that Henry would sleep until 5 or 5:30AM.


Kari said...

Ohhhhh...we'll pray for 7AM!!!! Sweet sleep Henry!!

tisha said...

You had me laughing...you backing up over everything and WOD. :D

It's so neat that you have so many adoptive families near you. Henry's haircut looks great!

It sounds like you guys are pretty busy and I'm sure waking up so early isn't making it very easy. I'll be praying for Henry to sleep in later.

And congratulations on your tomato! Yay! :)