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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation and more

We are back from vacation!

Before we left for vacation Igor had his first t-ball practice and Henry had his annual check-up. Igor said he LOVED t-ball!

The doctor is very happy with Henry's weight gain and over all development. She is slightly concerned about his height. He is not growing at the rate they expected him to grow. He is going down on the charts. This is something they will monitor. They hope it's just a blip and the next check up he will be taller.

Last week we went to the lake house for a mini-family reunion. This was also Henry's 6 month anniversary of being with us!

Igor and Henry took their first kayak rides on the lake. They loved it.

Igor caught his first fish!

Henry loved the pool and reading the Sunday comics.

Igor enjoyed the sparklers from aunt Christy.

Rob, Igor, his cousins and uncles went on a day hike - 7 miles. The views were amazing.

Henry enjoyed his boat ride but wanted to take the boat out himself.

When we returned home we had tomatoes, cucumbers and squash ready for picking.


Jay said...

Candy - always great to see your beautiful family! Love the picture of Henry reading the paper, with coffee cup in hand. Glad you are doing so well! with love, Karen Wistrom

tisha said...

Looks like a great vacation!! :)