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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Igor's Birthday, camping and the lake

Saturday we celebrated Igor's 7th birthday! Babushka order a cake with Igor's picture on it and I made pizza. Igor invited a few children from the neighborhood and they had a blast.

Sunday after church Papa, Igor and Rob went camping! Henry wanted to go camping too but he'll have to wait a few more years. This was Igor's first over night camping trip. They hiked a total of 10 miles. Igor did great!

They are going camping again next week. June 27 is National Wildlife's Great American Campout! Check out the link to see how many families in your state will be camping out this weekend.

Today we went to a local lake. This is Henry's first lake experience. Both boys had so much fun. Henry loves to put his head under water which is a little scary but he does the same thing in the bath tub. I think Henry will be swimming soon.


MLewis said...

Happy Birthday Igor...enjoy your summer with your little brother.

ethiHOPEia said...

10 Miles! Impressive!

tisha said...

Happy Birthday Igor!!

The camping sounds like lots of fun! :)