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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Igor builds

When Igor gets off the school bus he does the same thing everyday. He goes to the play room to build something. One day Igor said, "Mom, I want to be alone in the "cold room" (play room), where it is quiet and I can play."

The other day Rob asked if I had been in the play room. I said I had and it looks like a huge mess but I asked Rob to take a closer look.
it looks as though toys have been tossed every where... but Igor is building a city
look closer... can you see a house with a long driveway and tires to mark the yard

can you see the trees? That is the zoo with elephants and lions, etc...

the zoo is lower right and the area in blue is the airport

Henry is working on the race track for the "Big Race"...


Nikki & Matthew Savage said...

Wow! Very detailed! I'm so impressed.

tisha said...

Wow! Nice city Igor! :)