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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brotherly love

We have been home 8 months and 2 days... yep, I'm still counting. Why? Because we haven't felt like a family yet. I mean we are a family, we do family things- we live together, eat together, go on vacation but we haven't felt like a "real" family.

I've been counting the days because I cannot wait for life to feel "normal" again. Igor has had a terrible time moving from being an only child to a big brother. Igor has also had to deal with a tremendous amount of orphanage dust this year... it's hard to run from your past and it's really hard to deal with your past when you are only 7 years old.

I have hope that our new "normal" is just around the corner. Today, Igor helped Henry put on his shorts. It was so sweet to hear Igor explaining to Henry how to get dressed. Tonight Igor asked me to take Henry out of the swing so they could play on the slide together. I nearly dropped my watering can! A few minutes later Rob came outside and asked, "Are they playing together?" Honestly, Igor has tolerated Henry so Rob and I were very surprised the boys were playing together. After playing I put them in the bath together (a risky move because Henry irritates Igor in the bath). I washed Igor's hair and Henry rinsed Igor's hair. I was amazed! Igor was letting Henry rinse his hair. Even after all the shampoo was out of Igor's hair he allowed Henry to continue to pour water on his head. Henry was delighted that Igor was allowing him to help in the bath.

So, tonight I have hope that after 8 months and 2 days we are quickly approaching a new normal.


E said...

That's wonderful, Candy! Your boys both sound like such sweet, wonderful people. Aren't boys simply the best? :) I know I couldn't love mine more...I keep marveling over how blessed I am to get to be mommy to two such amazing people. I'm sorry we'll miss you guys at the reunion, but hope to meet you all in person someday. Have a wonderful weekend!


Karen said...

Wow - progress indeed! So happy for you and your precious family! with love, Karen Wistrom

jill coen said...

Candy, this is great!! GREAT!

Rob and Heather said...

This week I have been praying specifically for Igor. He has really been on my heart. So glad to here what God is doing!

KLT said...

Maybe the loss of the school love affair has made him more appreciative of home?? Maybe not a bad trade? Enjoy the harmony.

CM and JM said...


ethiHOPEia said...

What sweet news. Praying it continues to improve each day!


tisha said...

Oh Candy, I hope you're quickly approaching your new normal too. It took us a while to get there and we didn't have any other kids who had to adjust to the changes. It sounds like Igor is making great strides in his relationship with Henry! :)