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Thursday, September 3, 2009

An update

Igor's love affair with first grade lasted 2 days. On the third day he said first grade stinks- too much carpet/learning time and not enough playing. heavy sigh.... He still has 173 days change his mind.

Henry has had many firsts the last few days. He can open doors. (yikes!) He cannot unlock the deadbolt, yet.... He can reach the water dispenser on the refrigerator! If he cannot find a clean cup in the dish drainer he takes a dirty one out of the dishwasher... ugh. He hasn't figured out the proper amount of water to put in the cup so the kitchen floor can be filled with puddles or a small river depending on the day and how closely he is monitored.

He loves to wear his backpack like his big brother. He wears it around the house, when he is riding his scooter, filling his cup with water....

He loves goggles and wears them everywhere. Yes, even at the breakfast table.

We knew Henry was growing but we weren't sure how much. Today's doctor's visit confirmed that he has grown 1.5 inches in two months. For the first time in 7 months he went up in the height percentiles! Henry continues to gain weight as well. The doctor is very pleased!


Karen said...

Candy - so great to see how well both of the boys are doing. You have a beautiful family and we remember Henry so well from the TH! with love, Karen Wistrom

tisha said...

Henry is so cute. :)

I hope Igor starts enjoying 1st grade again soon. :)