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We are going PINK- we are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. We'll be sharing our journey to adopt our daughter!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I saw this on Becky's facebook page. It's hard to imagine how big the number 143,000,000 is until you watch this video. There are 143,000,000 orphans in the world. It's hard the fathom... it's hard not to be overwhelmed by the number. However, you can make a difference in one child's life!
Please consider donating to Children's Hope Chest. Any dollar amount would be appreciated. 100% of the donation will be used to meet immediate needs of orphans while we are in Ethiopia. Go to www.hopechest.org, click on "Give" and then specify "Ethiopia Vision Trip" in the notes section.
We are also collection items for the trip.
Suggested items:
new children's underwear
pencil sharpeners
tooth paste
packages of balloons
small bottles of lotion
small boxes of crayons

1 comment:

Apryl said...

Candy, Just wondering if it would be better to donate money or stuff--what would you prefer? I've had it on my heart to do SOMETHING since...well, seems all we can do is give money and pray. Doesn't seem like enough...anyway, let me know as we'd like to help somehow.
many hugs as you embark on this exciting journey!