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Friday, October 16, 2009

The boys

Last Friday was Crazy Hair Day at school:

Henry and Igor are excited about costumes! Here's Igor in his Bibleman mask and cape. I think Henry makes a dashing Bob the Builder.

On Wednesday Igor asked me, "Mom, why does dad like you?" hmmmm... I wondered what this was all about. Then he asked what were the first words dad said to me. Later at dinner Igor asked how Rob and I first met. I thought Igor might have a crush on a girl. So, I asked him if there was a girl he liked. He said he did and shared her name. Our boy has his first crush.
Henry's vocabulary continues to increase. He has learned the word "MINE!" at nursery school. We are trying to teach Henry to say his name. He cannot say "Hen" yet but If you ask him his name he says, "Ree" (the second syllable of Henry). I am also teaching Henry to say I love you. He tries to say it but it doesn't sound anything like "I love you". He will come up to me whispering something in my ear. I'm sure he is saying, "I love you".


tisha said...

Your boys look cute in their costumes! So sweet that Igor has his first crush. :)

E said...

Wow! They are super cute, Candy! Just love both of their expressions! :)

Team Dragovich said...

I don't get to visit all my friends' blogs nearly often enough! First, we had a great time meeting for lunch last week! I was blessed by our time together and I am excited for a NC fall get-together! But... when!!!! Second, count Team D in for adding to the supply list for the ET trip. We'll bring our donations with us the next time we are up for our derm appts. in Nov. Third, there is an ET restaurant in Chapel Hill??? I would like to know more about it when you get the chance. I know it is a bit further, but that area is so nice and it may be worth the drive. I think the kids--especially JB need some ET food in their lives here soon :)

Okay, glad I got to stop in and say "HI!"!!