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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Fair, lost tooth and Fall Festival

I grew up attending fairs in the summer. The fair reminds me of my childhood- they make me feel warm and cozy. My dear husband did not grow up going to fairs and they are not his favorite thing but he goes to the fair because I love it. This year was Igor's third trip to the fair and he loves all of it- the food, the rides, the animals. Henry was a little overwhelmed by it all but he had fun!

Igor lost another tooth! here he is making a goofy face...

Today was Fall Festival at Nursery School. I forgot my camera and my cell phone is dead.
(three words-Henry, cell phone, water..... if you have a Verizon phone you are not using anymore, e-mail me please)
I was able to take a picture when we arrived home. Henry is asleep so you cannot see how cute he looked. Ms. Joya had all the children in capes, leaf crowns and leaf wands.
For the last week, Rob has been on a mission trip in Arkansas. The boys cannot wait for Daddy to come home. Tomorrow they will carve the pumpkins together!

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