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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The finances of adoption

We started our adoption journey for our daughter in January 2010.  We had used American World Adoption for our previous adoptions and we decided to use them again.  We were delighted when we received the phone call from AWAA saying we were accepted into Ethiopia program to adopt our daughter.

When we moved forward with this adoption we had close to the estimated amount of $18,00-24,000 it would cost to adopt our daughter. In March, we received news that Ethiopia changed their policies on adoption.  Ethiopia now requires a family to travel to Ethiopia twice in order to complete the adoption.  That meant an increase in our total adoption costs,  it will now be somewhere around $32,000.00gulp....  When we heard the news we stopped and asked ourselves should we continue to move forward or was this a sign to stop.  After several days of discussion and prayer we felt God's prompting to move forward with our adoption.  We have cut back on many expenses and eliminated others in order to save as much money as possible each month.  We need an additional $6,000 to bring our daughter home. 

In June, we applied for financial assistance with LifeSong for Orphans.  In July, we received the call saying we were approved!  Anyone who wants to be a part of our adoption journey is encouraged to:
  1. Pray for our family as we wait to be matched with our daughter.
  2. Pray for our daughter in Ethiopia, that she may be well loved and cared for until she is in our arms!
  3. Will you please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help us pay for the remaining $6,000 to bring our daughter home?
Lifesong has graciously set up a fundraising account to help bring our daughter home.  If you would like to be a part of our adoption journey, you can send your tax-deductible gift between now and September 20th to the address below. Lifesong is a trusted organization administering the funds on our daughter's behalf, and will pay adoption expenses out of funds received.

You may donate two ways:

By check- Please make checks payable to: Lifesong.  In the memo section indicate our last name and #1417 Adoption. (*Note: In following IRS guidelines, your donation is to Lifesong which retains full discretion and control over its use.) Mail checks to:
Lifesong for Orphans
Att: #1417 Adoption
PO Box 40 / 202 N. Ford St.
Gridley, IL 61744

You may also donate via Pay Pal on Lifesong's donate page - click here..  In the purpose section please state our last name and #1417 Adoption.

We thank you for investing in the Kingdom through prayer and finances – it will be an investment with an eternal return! We’ll give you an update with a picture of our daughter and details as we receive them.


Anonymous said...

We're excited to partner with you in this exciting journey!

God bless,
Leah & the Lifesong staff

Christi said...

Excited to partner with you!

Christi & The Lifesong Staff