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Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday night fun

We had Saturday night all planned out- I made pizza for dinner (the boys favorite) and then we were off the ride the new trolley in town.  There was an article in the paper about the proposed trolley route and there would free rides through downtown on Saturday night.  Except I got the nights mixed up.  
We didn't find out about the mix up in the days until we pulled in the parking lot, we were alone.  I walked to the store to pick up a paper to see if I had the wrong pick up spot.  Nope, we were at the trolley pick up spot... the trolley rides were FRIDAY not Saturday night - ugh.  
I walked back to the car to break the news to the boys.  I started to tell Igor when I saw a trolley driving by.  The boys rushed out of the car as the trolley stopped at the pick up stop listed in the paper.  I thought I was dreaming. The driver said the free rides were the night before but we could take a look inside.  The boys checked out the trolley, the driver could see how excited they were.  The driver said he would take us for a ride.  Really?  He said sure why not.  He was in town for a wedding.  He had a 3 hour break until he picked up the bridal party.
Henry wasn't quite sure if he liked the trolley while it was moving but Igor LOVED riding through town in it.  The driver was awesome, he even rang the bell for the boys.  Igor was in heaven.  As the driver approached the drop off point we said a ladder fire truck parked by our car. Our boys were delighted.  In Igor's word, "totally awesome".  We thanked the driver then walked over the the ladder truck only to see a pumper fire truck pulling in the parking lot. That was icing on the cake.
When I realized that I had mixed up nights I thought the night was going to be such a disappointment.  Instead, it was totally awesome.  
It reminded me that God's plans may look slightly different than what we prepare and plan for but His ways are so much sweeter.

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