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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Igor has started calling his sister Ramone.  Some of you will remember that Igor called his little brother BOC while we were waiting.  So, until we can share her name or picture, I will call her Ramone on our blog.
Two weeks ago we heard from our agency that Ramone was sick.  No mom ever wants to hear her daughter is sick, especially when she is so far away.  So we did the only thing we can do besides getting on a plane to Ethiopia- pray. 
This morning is was struck with all sorts of doubts and fears regarding our adoption.  I haven't felt any of those things during this entire adoption process.  I started worrying about all sorts of things out of my control.  Ugh... 
My adoption friend Dana post this note on Facebook this morning-
For the righteous will not be moved... He is not afraid of bad news, his heart is firm trusting the Lord. His heart is steady, He will not be afraid. Psalm 112:6-8

These are the words I needed to hear this morning.  I will not let bad news scare me.  Sure, it can move me to action but I will not fear. 
This morning I prayed for good news.  What I really wanted to hear is that we had a court date.  Instead I received other news form our agency- but good news indeed.  Ramone is off medication and doing well now!  That's a huge praise!!

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Tracy said...

so glad to hear it Candy! And Ramone? Where did he get that one from??? :)