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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And so it begins again- please pray...

We leave for Ethiopia next week!! We are excited but it is tempered by the current action by MOWYCA (similar to social services in the US).  MOWYCA does not appear to be writing letters required for court.  We have many dear friends who have been matched with their children, have gone to court but have not passed court because the MOWYCA letter was missing.  These families long to go back to pick up their child(ren).  We have other friends waiting for referrals but the delay for those who have not passed court is causing a ripple effect and referrals have slowed to a crawl.
Our friends in Ethiopia have put out this call for prayer and fasting-
Calling adoptive families, intercessors & orphan advocates: The director of MOWYCA (the agency that approves adoptions) in Ethiopia is not working for justice for orphans. We want to challenge each of you to fast and/or pray this week that her heart is changed or that she is removed from office. This is urgent as it will affect all Ethiopian adoptions. Not looking at circumstances, but on the One who changes them!

thank you for praying!

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Garlands Rose said...

Most people will never understand the mindset of those He calls to adopt. I am just staring my "journey of love" and feel that we all need to stick together! Our children will never make it home, if we don't fight for change in their world...

Peace and Blessings, Garland Rose