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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family re-ordering and Supplements

Prior to going to Ethiopia we had Igor's Neurotransmitters retested.  He has been doing great on the supplements but we are about change our family dynamics again.  We will all be a bit stressed out during the re-ordering period so we wanted to get a base line reading on Igor before Merone comes home.  Igor has been on Neurogistics supplements for 9 months.  His ability to control his temper, understand complex feelings and emotions has grown by leaps and bounds.  Yes, Igor is maturing but I believe the supplements are helping him remain more calm and have given him the able to handle change and stress in a positive way. 

Igor's results were much improved since our last re-test.  However, he still has a very high "Fight or Flight" response.  More fight than flight in my observation so the practitioner suggested a change in his supplements.  We made the change over the weekend and "early 2010 Igor" is back.  I don't have any other words to describe him.  The on edge, angry Igor is back and no one is happy, most of all Igor.  He is 8 yrs old and really does not understand why his emotions are completely off.  After some discussion with the practitioner, I am putting him back on his previous supplements to get the more calm and happy Igor back.  We will change his supplements again before Merone comes home.  I am hoping that we get the right mix before we leave for Ethiopia. 

We know that our family order will change.  This week Igor has talked openly about how it was when there were just three of us and how it all changed when Henry arrived. He knows a big change is coming. 

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