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We are going PINK- we are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. We'll be sharing our journey to adopt our daughter!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cleared for Travel!!!

The US Embassy has clear us for travel!!!  We are should receive our Embassy Appointment confirmation tomorrow!!  We are so excited to know we will be able to pick up our daughter soon.  We also learned that baby girl has the chicken pox!!  Please pray she has a mild case and recovers quickly.

Tonight we had a pancake dinner fundraiser to help bring Merone home.  We raised almost the exact amount of money needed for Merone's air plane ticket home.  Thank you God for providing!!!


The Annessa Family said...

Yay! Praise God!

Brooke Annessa

Melissa said...

How absolutely wonderful! We serve an awesome God!!

Jen said...

How exciting! Praise God for providing! Praying her chicken pox will be healed! ~ Jen

Carpenters said...

So psyched that you are cleared for travel! We will definitely be praying for your daughter. It is super tough that she is sick and so far away. Praying that she recovers quickly.