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Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Days of purging

The purge started off strong then was slowed down by my son turning TEN!  Days 5, 6 and 7 we purged things but not at the previous rate.  I finally purged items from the hall closet!  The number of coats, pull overs, rain coats, etc was insane but has been trimmed down.  The final three days we purged 42 items. The grand total purged - 247 items.  WOW!  This total does not include several items in the laundry basket to be purged.

 Until I looked in our closet with fresh eyes I had no idea how much we had.  Before we were married my husband had this policy-  purchase one new item then purge two old items.  He has tried to stick with this policy over the years.  Now I can see the benefits of doing this.  Our budget does not allow us to purchase clothing on a whim or because of a new style but I am certainly guilty of holding on to clothing which "brings back memories", clothing I like that doesn't fit or clothing I like enough only to wear when everything else is dirty!

For me "The Purge" was an excellent reminder that the purge must be done each season AND when I get a bag of hand me downs for the boys I need to go through the items and compare them to what we already have.  Otherwise, I will find 12 pair of sweat pants in the closet!  Ugh.

Starting tomorrow- Possessions- Part 2- We will give away 7 items a day of (non-clothing) for a total of 49 items.  May the purge continue.

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