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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 3 &4 of the Purge- slow going

This morning I went to pull out my swim suit cover up but it was in the dirty clothes basket.  No problem, Plan B- I'll go to my tier 2 options except they are not there.  I purged them on Saturday.  Plan C- I pulled out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  Life goes on without Tier 2 and 3 clothing!

Day 3 and 4 were harder to purge than the previous days.  I went to the coat closet opened the door, felt overwhelmed and shut the door.  We have more coats than we need but prioritizing what we need and what we "want" seems to be harder for me than clothing.  I will get back to the closet when I have more energy and dare I say a plan?

It's harder for me to give away Merone's clothing.  To give it away means our family is complete.  And when my head isn't stuck in her closet we will tell you our family is complete.  Giving Merone's clothing away means it's final (gasp!). Or maybe I want her to stay at age 2 for many years to come.  So after giving myself a pep talk-  I pulled out 6 outfits and a pair of shoes.  Then it was on to Igor and Henry's closet. 

I went through Igor's clothing.  As I looked at each item I  wondered, will Henry wear this in a couple years? If I give too much away will I have to buy clothes for Henry in the future?  Once I got into the pile of clothing I realized there was much we could purge.  Igor owns 12 or more pair of sweat pants (all hand me downs)!  No child needs that many sweat pants.  After the purge he owns half that and I may go back to purge some more.  I also found more of Henry's clothing that no longer fits or I know he will never wear.  Boy does it feel good to open their closet and see the floor and have room to hang things.   

Last night Rob went through his side of the closet and pulled out 22 pieces of clothing.  WOW!

The tally for Day 3 and 4:
28 items from Henry and Igor's closet, including 3 pair of shoes
22 items of baby clothes
6 of Merone's outfits and a pair of shoes.
22 pieces of clothing from Rob's closet.
78  + 127 (Day 1 and 2) = 205
The goal was 245 items but now the goal is to purge items we no longer wear or need.  We will easily exceed the goal of 245 pieces of clothing/shoes.  Tomorrow I will go through the dresser drawers and the coat closet.  We still have a lot of purging to do.
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Amy Bennett said...

Wow! That is a lot! Way to go!