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We are going PINK- we are adopting a little girl from Ethiopia. We'll be sharing our journey to adopt our daughter!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dossier Update

Our Dossier is in Ethiopia! Four additional dossiers are awaiting pick up and another is on its way. I estimate Susan & William's dossier will arrive in Ethiopia on Tuesday! We are praying that our agency rep will pick up all the dossiers as soon as the Susan & William's documents arrive.

A small world story-
In July, Rob & I met Susan & William at our social worker's home for our class on grooming. (We thought we were meeting for the first time.) Since that meeting, our two families have shared laughs, stresses and the tears that are a part of the adoption process. Susan called me on Friday. She said they were filling out an AWAA survey which asked how they heard about the agency. That's when they remembered attending an adoption fair in March and meeting me at the AWAA booth! After talking for a few minutes, I remembered meeting them at the fair.
It's such a small world. I believe our dossiers are destined to be with one another! Maybe we'll even travel together to pick up our children??? So, as much as I want our agency rep to pick up our documents right now, we hope, we pray, they will be picked up together.


Susan said...

You are so sweet and thanks so much for your prayers for our dossier and everything else!

Love, Susan

Carpenters said...

I'm so glad that your dossier made it safely to Ethiopia! What a blessing to have another AWAA Ethiopia family close to you. It definitely is a small world. We'll be praying that all the dossiers (Susan's too) get picked up quickly.

With Love,