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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dentist and adoption update

Do you hear that banging noise?? It's me banging my head on the desk.
I went to the dentist today. I saw my new favorite dentist who I really like and have a lot of confidence in. We were finishing up the appointment, the dentist said everything looked great and then he said (insert foreboding music here), "Let me take look at that X-ray again." My internal monologue went something like this- must we look at the X-ray again, really, everything is fine, my teeth are happy, it's time for me to go. But instead, I said nothing. The dentist and the hygienist were discussing a back molar, he flipped to an X-ray that was taken when I was having a terrible tooth pain. The dentist had me look at the x-rays taken over the last few months. he showed me a dark spot on one of my teeth. He said, "Candy, I think I can save the tooth and avoid a root canal and crown."
I thought- What? save the tooth, avoid a root canal? I'm here for a cleaning, we haven't finished dealing with the tooth that was pulled- ugh... how much is this going to cost? Of course, I did not say any of that, I smiled and nodded my head.
So, after I paid for the visit I pleaded with my teeth- Stop it! We are adopting!! Why are you causing trouble?? Alas, they are teeth not people so I was talking to myself. heavy sigh. On the 24th the dentist will try to spare me from a root canal.

The conference call was jam packed with information. I won't post everything because it's too much to post. Here are some of the highlights from the call-
  • The Transitional Home (TH) is full. Children who have been recently referred will remain in the orphanage until the next travel group picks up their children.
  • The TH's lease is up in October. They may renew the lease because they have been unable to find another suitable building.
  • AWAA has signed on with another orphanage- Espansia(?). It is located about 4 hrs from Addis
  • Duni has hired two staff people in ET, an adoption director and an assistant to the director. They continue to hire more nannies and are looking to hire another nurse.
  • Travel will be different, families will stay in a guest house instead of the Hilton

I am trying to get clarification on the toddler boy wait time. We are well beyond the wait time quoted of 5-7 months. I know our situation is unique, so I have asked our family coordinator to provide us with a wait time specific to our family. I will let you know when I hear something!

One last thing- I miss placed my reading glasses. The school sent home a form to review and I cannot read it! Now where is the magnifying glass??


Melodie Monberg said...

Missed the call...LOVED the information...did they say what guesthouse? That will HOPEFULLY reduce our rate? I love the SIM guesthouse near The Black Lion Hospital...good food, a doctor! and clean beds...oh well, guess I'll have to wait.

E said...

Candy, you're making me laugh with your post. Poor you about the teeth stuff. I swear teeth are fairly genetic - some people get good ones and others...well...don't. I'm sorry you're having to deal with all of this - especially the pain & the cost. :( I'll pray your dentist can save the tooth and the rest of them will start being good teeth for you!

The news about the developments at America World was very interesting, indeed. I've heard the TH is loaded. And...I thought it seemed full when I was there. Sounds like great things are happening and I hope AW is able to give you some sort of estimate. I imagine that is very hard, as it is probably difficult to guess when a child will come into care, etc. I pray the Lord will bring you news of your little one very soon!!!


Jori said...

Oh my friend! I can not believe you are dealing with another pesky tooth! Just tell 'em to fix it all be done with htem! If only that easy! :)
I read the notes from the cc on Teusday and am hoping to get more clarification on ours 2morrow. Guess we'll have to see how it all works out. Still processing.
I am so praying that you will get some information or at least a good conversation with Duni in very soon. I just don't know what to say any more ~ I am kneeling with you in the gap!
love ya, jori