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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Court Date & Lance Armstrong in training

Good news! According to another AWAA mom, all families with referrals have been assigned a court date. Our agency doesn't share the court date with us but will tell us when we've passed!

Igor has finally fallen in love with bike riding. Every day after school he rides his bike through the neighborhood. He likes me to run along side of him so I can give him a push at the steep hill. I am getting a great workout while he rides.

Wednesday, Igor informed me that he was going to ride his bike to church. It's just under a mile one way so I knew he could make it. Of course, I was jogging along side. After dinner I thought Igor might complain about the bike ride home. To my surprise, he rode all the way home without complaint.

This morning Rob had to go to the church for a couple hours so Igor went with him. Igor rode his bike while dad jogged. I will be checking Craigslist for adult bikes. Pretty soon a bike ride to the church won't be a very long ride.


E said...

That's great! I love opting for the non-driving option! Because we currently live on base, we frequently walk over to the grocery store (if we just need a couple things) or the other store, which is more of a general store sort of like Target...though nothing close to as big as a typical Target. We also walk to the library and to parks all the time! I'm dreading when we have to become a two car family again...and the inevitable cost involved in buying a second car. :)

Praying your successful court news comes very soon!!!

Bez said...

Very exciting guys! Keep me posted! (- Christy)

ethiHOPEia said...

Wow! You are going to be in great shape for that altitude change in Addis! Yeah!

beBOLDjen said...

Good fitness plan. I giggled to imagine Igor zipping around on his bike and you lovingly jogging along. What a great mom you are!