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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Re-adoption and BOC

Because Igor was issued an IR-3 visa, he became a US citizen when he walked of the plane in Dulles Airport in November 2005. We've thought about re-adoption in the US but haven't acted on it. Our state recognizes Igor's Russian adoption decree and we have not had any issues using his Russian birth certificate to enroll him in school.

We are not planning to move in the future but we were not planning to move south two years ago! If we ever move to a state that does not recognize Igor's foreign adoption decree we'll need to re-adopt him so he has all the legal rights as a biological child. At our last Russia post placement meeting we agreed to start the paperwork to re-adopt Igor in our state. Thursday we meet with our social worker for another post placement visit required by our state. Our state does not require an attorney to submit the adoption paperwork so we'll complete the paperwork ourselves.

We have decided on a name for BOC . His name will be Henry. When we asked Igor what he thought of the name he said, "It's a cool name." Excellent! We no longer have to call him BOC!


E said...

Henry is such a cute name!

Can you guys do a "Recognition of Foreign Adoption" in your state? That's what we were able to do here and it's cheaper than whole re-adoptions (from what I understand). We hired an attorney to do the paperwork for us, despite our local agency saying the paperwork was easy and we could do it ourselves - we had no guidance outside of that so we felt quite clueless in how to draft the documents. Anyway, turns out they were very easy...though we still wouldn't have been able to come up with that wording without some guidance. Anyway...I hope it all goes well! We go to get Abel's Certificate of Citizenship on Friday and then we're officially done! Phew! Well...except for that 12 month post placement and the yearly updates we'll need to submit on our own.


Karen said...

Congrats on choosing a name for your little boy! :) And even better that Igor approves!


Rob & Candy said...

Hi Erica, we can only do a Petition for Adoption. I pulled the forms off our state website and the document is fill in the blank! Name, address, date of marriage, bithdate. I am so grateful that it's easy. I'm not up to anything too hard.