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Monday, October 13, 2008

I171-H, travel dates the Forrest Family

One week after our fingerprint appointment we received our updated I171-H. This means we have all our paperwork in order to pick up our little guy once we pass court!

We have tentative travel dates. We could go to Ethiopia the week before Christmas or the second week of January.

On a sad note, please keep the Forrest Family in your prayers. In August they received a referral for an infant girl and toddler boy. Last week their baby was hospitalized. Their sweet baby died on Saturday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from complications due to pneumonia.


shawn and tisha said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! What a great Christmas present that would be!!

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss that the Forrest family has gone through.

Sherry said...

Candy - We could be traveling together. :) It will be here before we know it! (Although I am sure there will be days where it seems like it will never get here.) Trusting His perfect timing. Blessings! - Sherry :)

Melodie Monberg said...

Oh I hope you make it before Christmas! What a sweet gift that would be!

Anonymous said...

Yeahhh for tentative travel dates. How wonderful!!
Rejoicing with you.

Melodie Monberg said...

You have been tagged! Please don't feel obligated! :)
Go to my blog to see the instructions..