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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

backyard fun!

Last summer Igor and I had the freedom to go to the pool, playground, a museum, etc whenever we wanted to. This summer our daily schedule revolves around Henry's naps. Since Henry doesn't get up at the same time everyday his nap time fluctuates from 9:30AM-11AM. This is prime playground time since it is much cooler in the morning. We have several playgrounds within walking distance from our house but none close enough that I would let Igor go by himself while Henry is napping. So, Rob and I decided to invest in a play set for the boys.

The boys love it! Henry wakes up early so he enjoys playing outside while Igor is still in bed. (remember sleeping in during summer break?) Igor enjoys playing outside while Henry is napping and we all play on it before or after dinner.

I asked Igor what he wanted to do for his birthday (this weekend). He said he wanted to invite the neighbors two doors down over and play on the swings. I asked, "Do want to invite any other friends over?" No. "Do you want to have a scavenger hunt?" No, just the K's, play and eat cake and ice cream. Okay, I can make that happen.

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