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Thursday, June 11, 2009


School is out for the summer!! On the last day of school Igor came home with this very cool t-shirt. It has a picture of Igor's Kindergarten class on it. Igor loves his new shirt and insisted that he wear it all day over his t-shirt he wore to school. It was 91 degrees yesterday but he didn't seen to notice.

Igor being silly in his class picture shirt.

Igor, Henry and I are creating a new daily routine. Henry is a little off because he isn't use to napping with Igor home. Henry would rather play....

Igor and Henry being silly together.

Yesterday we met with the social worker for Henry's 6 month post placement visit. Igor is always asking when he can play with the social worker's daughter. This visit both of them were out of school so they could play while the adults talked. The kids had a great time. Ciara and Igor played together while Issac and Henry played.

Henry has added a bunch of words to his vocabulary. His favorite word is DADDY! He also likes to say; "where dad?", "doggy", "wet" (when he wants to take a bath), poo-poo, what dis? (what's this?) or what dat (what's that?), Pa-pa and Baa (for Babushka).

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tisha said...

Igor's shirt is really cool! And it sounds like Henry's doing great with learning new words! I am praying that a good summer routine falls into place quickly for you and the boys. How is Henry doing with sleeping later in the morning? I hope it's getting better. :)