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Monday, May 19, 2008

New painting, Mother's Day necklace, books we are reading and the squirrel


While we were visiting Aunt Shawn and Nana, Igor painted this picture for Nana.

This is the lovely Mother's Day necklace Igor made for me at Nursery School.

We are currently reading:

Rob is the officiant at his cousin's wedding this weekend. We are driving 12 hours up north- YIKES! I have purchased all sorts of items for Igor to do in the car. We have coloring books, puzzles, connect the dots, the tangle, wonder color fingerpaints, card games, books and more. I hope this will be enough to entertain Igor while we are in the car.

Rob and Igor went to play in the sand box (frog) this afternoon. They were shocked to find that a squirrel had eaten away part of the frog's eye! The other day, Igor made one of his famous "cakes". This time he included some bird seed as a special ingredient. Evidently, Igor dumped his bird seed cake into the sand box instead of on the ground. UGH.... Rob and Igor tried to sift out the bird seed. After a while they determined that it will take forever to get all the bird seed out of the sand box. We will have to dump the sand out and replace it with new sand. I haven't figured out how to repair the frog's eye... Maybe something will come to me while we are on vacation.


Susan said...

I love the painting and the necklace! Very nice!

Hope you have a safe and fun trip up north!

Love, Susan

Jori said...

Love the painting! Igor rocks!! :) Let me know how you like the Christianity in Africa book; it looks interesting. Enjoy all your "world" traveling ... do you carry a cell for "the call"? :) I am so hoping it is soon for you!
love ya, Jori

shawn and tisha said...

Igor did a great job on the painting and the neckalace!
Hope your trip goes well. :)

katie r. said...

Hey, I saw one of the books you were reading & I thought you might be interested in this one... "How Africa Shaped the Christian Mind."