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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good News

Dear YG, you are the best! I am so grateful that you are part of our adoption journey!

I am feeling a better. I was able to eat some bread this afternoon and scrambled eggs for dinner.

The contractor and I had a chat this morning. He lied to me which made me really mad. BUT he knows that I am on to his wily ways! The quality of workmanship has improved 100% since our chat.

The electrician arrived this morning. He was able to fix the electrical issue so we have power in the entire house! The electrical problem was a screw in the wiring, ops.

The contractor and I will be having a discussion tomorrow about the electrician's bill, since it was their screw that shorted power to our house. The contractor dreads meeting with me because I hold him accountable. Our working relationship would be so much better if he didn't lie AND he didn't cut corners. heavy sigh

Igor and I spent an hour at the new construction site in town. We watched excavators fill up dump truck after dump truck with dirt. There was a strong breeze today so Igor and I were a lovely clay color! When we returned home we played with sand and water. Playing with water has been prohibited because of the drought. This year we have two rain barrels so Igor may play with rain water! Igor thought this was such a wonderful treat. I cannot wait to play with him and the water tomorrow.

Thankfully Rob is back in town! He returned home in time to read Igor books and tuck him into bed.


shawn and tisha said...

Wow, Candy, that is great! God is so faithful! :)

Team Dragovich said...

Dear Friend, I'm so sorry you were weary and I missed it!! I'm glad you are feeling better-- maybe I caught it from you!! Ha, ha! Or would it have been the other way around? And I'm REALLY glad you have power now!
Hugs, Shari

Zack & Rebecca Caldwell said...

I am glad you are feeling better and that things seem to be on the up and up!

E said...


I'm so glad you're feeling better! I'm sorry to hear about your ongoing issues with the contractor - situations like that can be so difficult! However, you're right to hold him accountable even if it is a pain sometimes. Ideally, you wouldn't have to hold him accountable and he'd fulfill his commitments to the highest standard without any interference. Situations like that can make anyone weary!

I love all of the wonderful spring picture in the last few posts - it looks like you're all enjoying it so much! We're trying to take advantage of the weather here and enjoy being outside as much as possible. The only drawback would be all of the sunblock & hats that go into enjoying the outdoors. Even Abel, despite his skin color, tends to redden up quickly (which is so strange). The rest of us (pale ones) makes more sense!

I think the bike co-op is a great idea. We sold our 2nd car (we're now a one car family) to help play "catch up" a little faster with the adoption costs. We've had one car for several months now and it has really worked out well. It is good to know our family can survive with one.