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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Travel, Mother's Day and To Kill a Mockingbird

I haven't been able to keep up with the blog. We've been traveling a lot... We will be in and out town until the first week in June.

At Nursery School, the children surprised their mom's with a Mother's Day present and a home made card. My boy made me a beautiful necklace. What sweet gift. Our nursery school teacher is so thoughtful. (I'll post pictures soon)

My mother has been visiting my sister so last weekend Igor and I drove down for a visit. We celebrated Aunt Shawn's birthday and Mother's Day while we were there. Nana spoiled Igor by taking him toy shopping. She bought him an ambulance, a few cars and some new clothes. Igor and I loved our time at Aunt Shawn's house.

When Igor and I returned on Sunday, I checked my plants and veggies. Someone has been eating my cone flowers (perhaps it's Sally, the bunny??) The book title "To Kill a Mockingbird" popped into my head when I saw my tiny tomatoes had been picked and eaten. UGH! I 'm not a violent person and I am not going to hurt the Mockingbirds. But I was so sad to see that my "first fruits" had been eaten by the mockingbird family which lives in the Holly tree..... When we get home next week I will put bird netting around my tomatoes! I would really like some fresh tomato and basil salad- yummy!

No adoption news... we continue to wait for our referral.


shawn and tisha said...

Oh man! Those pesky mockingbirds! I've been chasing the rabbits that live in our neighborhood away every time I catch one of them in our yard. (My neighbors probably think I crazy...)
Igor's Mother's Day present sounds sweet.
I hope you enjoy your travels.
Praying you'll receive news about BOC soon!

E said...

The trick to keeping the bunnies & birds at bay is to grow yucky tasting veggies.

Just my gardening tip for the day!

Your Mother's Day gift sounds so incredibly sweet. It seems like Igor's Nursery School is really a special place!

Hoping you receive your referral soon!


Team Dragovich said...

I am terrified that the animals will get to our garden. Every time I see the deer in the back, I bolt out my back door and start yelling like crazy. I must look like a lunatic to the neighbors :) So far, so good. I think having Penny the barking dog around. She is so annoying with her barking, but I think it is keeping the critters at bay :)

I echo Tisha's comment about BOC-- SOON!!


Melodie Monberg said...

We head out for a month of vacation soon but I'll keep checking your post...can't wait to hear when you get that picture!

ps...how's the teeth by the way? I have my final (hopefully?) dentist appointment this Thursday!

E said...

Toys R Us sells 50 pound bags of kid-safe sand for $5. :)

Love the pictures!