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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We are back!

We had a great vacation! Igor did great in the car both ways. We are so proud of him. Yesterday we were in the car for 14 1/2 hours! We are so thankful to be home and out of the car.

Here's a picture of all the activities I packed for the car ride. All items were a hit except for I Spy phonics.

On the way to Michigan we spent the night in Ohio with Sharyn and Gene. They have the gift of hospitality. They know my husband LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Michigan and hates Ohio State Football. Sharyn has a wonderful sense of humor, she decorated our room with Ohio State "propaganda". The balloons, streamers, and Ohio State night light made us laugh! She also provided Rob with Ohio State parting gifts! We had a lovely time with Sharyn and Gene.
Check out Rob's shirt!

We had a great time in Michigan. All Rob's family and extended family were there for the wedding. The hotel had an indoor pool. Igor could not get enough of the pool, Papa, Rob, Uncle Dave, cousin Sarah, cousin Scott and more played with Igor in the pool. While we were at the rehearsal dinner, Uncle Dave & Aunt Jeanne took Igor on the Michigan State's campus. They both attended MSU so they enjoyed a walk down memory lane. Igor enjoyed walking the MSU campus while eating his ice cream. The boy was spoiled by his uncle and aunt.

The wedding was lovely. We had a wonderful time at the reception. Igor and his cousin Bobby (3 yrs old) enjoyed "dancing". together. Okay, they were not dancing, it was more like skipping and then falling down. Bobby would do everything Igor would do. The boys were so cute together.

Papa took Igor to the zoo where he rode a camel! Papa forgot his camera so we don't have any pictures. Igor loved riding the camel so much he rode it a second time. Igor refused to take a pony ride. I wonder, in his mind what makes riding a pony different than riding a camel?

While we were gone our favorite high school neighbor watered our plants. I was so excited to see my orange lilies in full bloom along with some other plants. There are several cherry tomatoes on two of my plants. I cannot wait until they are ripe.

Tomorrow, Igor starts swim lessons! Igor loves the water but he's not so sure about swim lessons. Tomorrow should be interesting.


Susan said...

Glad to hear that you are back and had a great time!

Go Bucks! Susan

shawn and tisha said...

It sounds like you had such a good time! Igor was great to make it through 14 1/2 hours in the car in one day. Glad your back! :)

InGod'sHands said...

I'm glad that you're back, but I'm really ready for that special post announcing a referral. You better call me soon after it comes.


Jori said...

So good to have you back!! Sounds like a wonderful time and you'll have to let us know how the swimming goes! :):) Still waiting with you! (like we have a choice :))
love ya, Jori

Jori said...

CALLING QUEEN CANDY!!!! Never thought that would be a "yucky" title!! Short live the Queen!!
love ya, Jori

Danielle said...

This is hilarious. My extended family is largely from Ohio (Toledo area) and my hubby is also a diehard MI fan, so we have some fun banter at gatherings...esp. during football season. I haven't been good about popping in to visit people, but with Susan's referral, I thought of you and how stinkin' close you seem to be! Sorry about your heat! I hope you've survived the weekend. AHHH!